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Prasanjit Singh - a Linux fanatic and DevOps Practitioner


Prasanjit [--admin systems|database] [--contributor] [--developer] [--educator]
[--leader] [--other]

I’m a 
DevOps Consultant & Product Release Manager with multiple acumen. Have worked as an Infrastructure Manager, Cloud Deployer, Unix System Administrator and a Web Application Developer. Have skills aimed to deploy reliable architecture for huge websites and web applications. Have expertise in Mesosphere, Marathon, Proxmox, VMware, Kubernetes & Docker, alongside commendable expertise in a number of DevOps Tools and Practices. 

My current focus is developing & deploying highly available platforms and deployment pipelines to help businesses make profits without bothering about IT platform.



DevOps & Infrastructure Management:

- Architected the expansion of Openstack Private Cloud environment, increasing application performance across the enterprise.
- Implemented completely automated 'Software Build Pipeline' using state-of-the-art Mesosphere, DCOS, Kubernetes, Docker, Jenkins, Terraform & Ansible.
- Achieved efficiency gains within the IPA based user group and security administration with 2 Factor Authentication.
- Revised technology plans and policies to address technology gaps regarding security hardening methodology and virtualization leading to an "excellent" IT rating from ANSI/TIA-942 Auditors for IT systems, processes, and compliance.
- Created and implemented strategic implementation plan and upgrade paths for the migration of legacy core systems. Successfully completed all migrations within project scope and budget.

Release Management:

- Supervised a team of 6 based at multiple locations to successfully deploy releases into Production across all business areas. Owned release process throughout SDLC.
- Drove various process improvements that reduced the number of releases by half, lowered risk and maintained quality, functionality and time to market.
- Designed a new release process around ITIL methodology that met the needs of the business, and created Key Performance Indicators and metrics to drive continuous service improvement.
- Managed Atlasssian Software (Jira+Confluence+Bitbucket+Bamboo) to plan and manage releases into multiple environments with traceability and visibility removing extensive manual work.
Implemented Lean improvements throughout Release Management.
- Owned & Adhered to Agile Practices like Scrum & Kanban to achieve milestones.

Cloud & Platform Engineering:

Possess commendable expertise in the following tools:

- Mesosphere, Marathon
- Docker, Kubernetes
- Openstack,  AWS
- Ansible, Puppet, Terraform
- Bash Shell Scripting
- GIT, SVN, Jenkins, Bamboo

-Netdata, Nagios, HaProxy, Consul


- Masters in Information Technology (M.Sc-IT)
- Bachelors in Computer Science (BCA)
- Redhat Certified Linux Engineer
- Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist


Most efforts are contributed to my Github Account here:


Currently focused on learning PHP and Perl but able to work with shell scripting with ease.


Started multiple projects to share knowledge and assist other technical people:

* Worked as a Technical Trainer at IACM, Kolkata, India.
* Conducted Hardware/Networking Seminars at Colleges.  
Compiled and taught classes covering various systems administration topics including Linux System Administration, SSL certificates, and server security.


Comfortable leading groups of technical people in customer-facing environments. Also able to provide individualised mentoring on technical and career development topics.

Familiar with the agile development methodology and how to apply it to an operations environment. Experienced with sprint planning, release planning, and change management coordination.


-Certified Scrum Master.
-Certified in Cyber Law from Asian School of Cyber Laws, Pune.
-Jetking Certified Hardware & Network Professional.


* Technical Faculty & System Administrator

- Linux Certification Trainer
- Linux Systems Administrator

* Network Engineer
  (Corelynx Inc.)

- Linux Engineer
- Lead server-side solutions Developer

* Consultant L3 / Senior Team Leader
  (Limtex Infotech Limited.)
- Linux Consultant
- Technology Architect
- Senior Team Lead

* UNIX System Administrator
  (TATA Technologies Limited.)

- Linux/Unix System Admin
- Datacenter Administrator
- PLM Server-Side Administrator 

* DevOps Manager
  (STARZPLAY, Dubai.)
- DevOps


* E-mail:
* Skype: prasanjit.sysadmin
* Github:

                                               PRASANJIT SINGH

© Prasanjit Singh

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