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Empirical Evaluation of FinOps Framework for Sustainable Cloud Engineering | Doctoral Research | Prasanjit Singh

Alongside my work in the Cloud Computing industry spanning 15+ years, I have always been a student and pursued academics. It was this quest that led me to complete my Bachelors and Masters degree in Computer Science and I am honoured to be now shortlisted as a PhD scholar in the same field.

In my doctoral pursuit, my research interests generally revolve around building & evaluating frameworks to achieve energy and cost efficiency for cloud computing systems. With the modern cloud computing platforms becoming increasingly large-scale and distributed there is a dire need to implement cost-effective and energy efficient systems that would lower carbon footprint for the whole planet. Following this spirit, and the advancements in the areas of Green Cloud Computing and evolution of FinOps practices, I'm pursuing an empirical approach to a sustainable form of distributed computing systems. 

My approach to addressing systems research challenges is grounded on concrete understanding through practical evaluation of real systems. In summary, the objectives of this research work are:

  • To create and analyze FinOps frameworks to achieve energy and cost efficiency for cloud computing systems.
  • To perform a detailed review and concrete knowledge of the practical assessment of real-time FinOps systems.
  • To embed sustainability into daily design, development and operational processes in cloud engineering.
I would be documenting my research outcomes in this repository and my youtube channel amongst other faculties. Thanks!

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