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Uncompress .xz Compressed Files

Use 'tar' command to uncompress .xz compressed files

tar xvfJ filename.tar.xz

But remember, .xz formats are supported only from tar 1.22 version.

If you have a lower version of tar like me, then either you can update your tar command or download xz utilities. To update the tar command, type as shown below:

yum update tar

Note: In case, if "yum update" didn't work for you, then you may download "tar" source and compile it. 

Use 'XZ' utils to un-compress .xz files

$wget  $cd xz-5.0.5  $./configure  $make  $sudo make install

Once the package is installed, run the below command to uncompress .xz file formats.

xz -d filename.tar.xz

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