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Fun Page

Well, System Administration is a serious job. But Binpipers have fun with their boxes when they find time ! Here's a Fun Page I have created in this site which will have all the funny stuff with Linux / Unix / Servers and other technology grail. You are welcome to read and share such stuff with us. After all " All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy" .. what say ?

Happy Piping ||.|.|

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Binpipe Is Born

Hello World :)

We have hatched out !

We are looking forward to build a rich repository of System Admin resources which will help all of us in this profession and also those who are aspiring to be one. This site will house blogs, tutorials, shell scripts and a whole lot of other server edibles. Lots of new posts will be coming up soon.

I would quote Jobs' favorite here .. "Lets live hungry and live foolish". You can hire us or avail our consultation by getting in touch here.

Happy Piping ||.|.|